Detox: The genetic analysis of detoxification enzymes.

The lifestyle that is right for you individually, has a great influence on switching on the genetic variants that are analysed in the Detox genetic test.

The Detoxification genetic test checks around 30 different genes for their variants. Your detoxification enzymes are responsible for the breakdown of toxins and medications Only an optimal interaction between the individual enzymes allows for optimal detoxification, and protects against the development of cancers.

The Detoxification genetic test shows what lifestyle is ideal for you to support optimal enzyme interaction and protect against the development of various types of cancer.

This genetic test was put together by specialists in preventive medicine so that you can find out what you can do in order to stay healthy for longer. Your doctor will explain the personalised results to you in detail.

The following risks are checked in this genetic test:

Phase I and Phase II detoxification, tolerance of medications.


Your expert for genetic tests

Dr. med. Kira Kubenz, MSc. in Preventive Medicine, is a private practicing physician in Hamburg and specializes in preventive medicine. As a physician and managing director, she has been developing scientifically based genetic tests for customers in Europe and Russia for many years.

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