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IhreGene GmbH

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Dr. med. Kira Kubenz

Physician and managing director

Dr. med. Kira Kubenz, MSc. in preventive medicine, is a private practicing physician in Hamburg and specializes in preventive medicine. As a physician and managing director, she has been developing genetic tests for many years.

Frank Lischewsky


Frank Lischewsky organizes the appointments for the genetic analyses and the travel activities of Dr. Kubenz. He will answer all your questions about the procedure of a genetic analysis competently and in detail. He speaks fluent English and is also the contact person for our partners. He helps you to find the right practitioner who can perform a genetic analysis for you.

Assen Popov


Assen Popov is our expert in the field of computer databases and IT. He makes sure that your data is protected and safe from unauthorized access.

Barbara Reimann


Barbara Reimann is the personal assistant of Dr. Kubenz and coordinates our appointments for blood sampling and check-ups. As a friendly medical assistant, she competently collects blood samples and will also be happy to organise all other laboratory tests for you.

Your specialists for genetic analysis

IhreGene is provider of high-quality, reliable genetic tests and works according to the strict guidelines of the German Genetic Diagnostics Act. Under the expert direction of Dr. med. Kira Kubenz, MSc., predictive genetic tests are developed according to the latest scientific standards and interpreted both for physicians and patients.


Scientifically-based genetic analysis


Personalized preventive medicine


Optimized lifestyle-minimal risk

Prevention is one of the most important prerequisites for healthy ageing. But it is not the same for every person. Knowing what is recommended for you requires special training in preventive medicine, knowledge of genetics and a network of specialists and scientists able to carry out sound genetic analyses.


Our medical director and managing director compiled for you various  combinations of different genetic tests and evaluates them in cooperation with your doctor. Taking into account all further information, such as anamnesis and laboratory, she will prepare an individual interpretation of the results including detailed recommendations.


This personalized preventive medicine gives the patient the opportunity to experience the lifestyle that is best for him or her and thus to prevent the development of diseases. Thanks to our scientifically based genetic analyses, opportunities can be used to grow older in good health and to counteract individual risks in time.

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Schneeberger

is a biochemist, and specializes in genetic expression and mutations analysis. He is in charge of the research laboratory for gyna-ecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine at the University of Vienna. He is also an active member of various medical committees and associations, especially in the field of preventive medicine. Professor Schneeberger is a well-known author of numerous publications, and a specialist lecturer at national and international congresses.

Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Nixdorff

is a practicing doctor, internist, cardiologist, and sports specialist with his own practice in Düsseldorf. As a senior doctor for cardiology, he founded the EUROPEAN PREVENTION CENTER. Professor Nixdorff teaches at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen-Nuremberg and gives training seminars for doctors at the EPC. Professor Nixdorff has written extensively for professional publications, and has given many lectures on cardiology and preventive medicine, particularly as part of the German Masters’ course in preventive medicine at DIU. As well as being a member of national and emeritus societies, he is a member of the Board of GSAAM (German Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine), the largest association for preventive medicine in Germany.

Prof. Dr. med. Alfred Wolf

is Emeritus Professor for gynaecological endocrinology and of laboratory medicine from Ulm. He is the Scientific Director of the Masters’ program in preventive medicine at Dresden International University. For years, he has been a leading light in training doctors in preventive medicine, Together with his son, Florian, he founded the well-known company Bioaging, and advises large companies and centers of preventive medicine. He has written numerous articles and professional books.

Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Weber

is a specialist in laboratory medicine and specializes in medical microbiology. He is the managing director and CEO of Laboratoires Réunis in Luxembourg. The laboratory specializes in the field of preventive genetics and has been accredited under ISO 15189 since 2006. Professor Weber acts as a scientific adviser to committees in preventive medicine. He regularly writes for publications in his field of expertise, and lectures at workshops on issues such as anti-ageing and laboratory diagnostics.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. med. habil. H. W. Bauer

is a specialist doctor of urology and andrology and has his practice in Munich. His area of specialization is hormones. Previously, Professor Bauer taught urology at the FU Berlin and LMU Munich. He was scientific head of the laboratory of a immunological research laboratory in Marburg, and has received prizes from the Medical University in Hanover and the German Association for Laboratory Medicine (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Labormedizin). His many years of experience in teaching and practice means that he has extensive direct contact to patients.

Laboratory and partners

Laboratoires réunis

Laboratoires réunis is an owner-operated laboratory in Luxembourg and has been acknowledged as a leading laboratory for excellent quality in the field of medical diagnostics and analyses for several decades. It is a reliable partner for the field of genetics and preventive medicine. The laboratory in accredited under the ISO 9002 norm and carries out the analyses in its laboratory. Human geneticists and molecular biologists ensure high quality and provide us with advice. Professor Weber and his team ensure that the analyses are carried out in a scientifically correct manner, and that the results are passed on to us correctly. A guarantee for your security.

Dresden International University

This Masters’ programme is the first and only internationally recognised Masters’ study for preventive medicine in Germany. In order to give patients sound advice and to treat them accordingly, doctors need knowledge and experience of the ageing process and common complaints such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, dementia, cancer and many others. In this programme, doctors are taught by well-known scientists and specialist doctors. The high level of expertise and many years of experience guarantees a high-level training in modern preventive medicine. The Scientific Directors are Professor Dr. med. Wolf and Dr. med. Kubenz MSc.

German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine e.V. (GSAAM)

This is the largest professional association for preventive medicine in Germany. At its annual congress, the GSAAM presents the newest developments in preventive medicine and provides wide-ranging specialized training for doctors and chemists in the field of preventive medicine. Members of the Board are the President, Professor Dr. med. Kleine-Gunk, Professor Dr. med Huber, Professor Dr. med. Mueck, Professor Dr. med. Nixdorff, Professor Dr. med. Boeck, Dr. Meigel and Dr. med. Kubenz.