Background Genetics

Genetics is the basis for diseases and thus allows personalized medicine. Genetics is medicine of the future

There are no bad or good genes. We cannot change our genes, but we can influence whether or not they are turned on. Not every risk turns into a medical condition. Would it not be interesting to know if you carried the risk of a heart attack if at the same time you learned how to prevent the disease?

Each of us has a very individual assessment of how our body responds to the environment, to toxic substances, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise etc. Why does one person get lung cancer despite never having smoked while another can still be smoking at 86 years of age without developing anything?

We can make statements about a number of important diseases where we know you may inherit a predisposition to developing the disease. As well as our genes, many other factors play a part – including our environment, toxic substances to which we are exposed, whether we play sports, how much alcohol we drink, whether we smoke, whether we have a healthy diet, and the level of stress we have to endure each day.

Future risks are not fixed in stone – we are able to influence these risks, and we should know what they are. We can give you information about how you can live a healthy lifestyle that is optimal for your genetic situation. Each of the genes we analyse can be influenced by appropriate diet and an optimal lifestyle.

Scientifically based genetic test, that might be of interest for you: